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Need to easily monitor and troubleshoot your databases? PMM is the solution we highly encourage you to try to and give feedback on. It is free, open-source and supports various databases (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB), and allows you to view and monitor all of your open source databases easily in one place. Give it a try and help us improve it with your feedback!

Enjoy how it is to communicate with the Percona community. Submitting a PR, leaving a review, reporting a bug or helping other users on the forum - all it matters to promote open source and keep it free and open.

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Ask Questions and Get Answers.

If you have any doubts, there are places you can go! You are free to seek advice and ask any questions you might have on our Community Forum. There you can get help from other Percona software users and experienced Percona experts. Share your knowledge as well! Answer other people’s questions, communicate, and watch the community growing.

Help Others to Choose and Leave an Unbiased Tech Review

One of the great ways to help the open source community users with no coding involved is to leave a review on one of the popular app marketplaces. If Percona software has been good for you, your recommendation can also help others achieve similar success and find the right solution for their business situation.

Read Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) reviews on TrustRadius

Introduce as many details as you can, suggest mentioning the operating system, CPU, memory, volumes of data, engines, programming languages, applications, versions, configurations, performance, etc.

Our team carefully read all the reviews and highly appreciate all the feedback!

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Which databases can PMM monitor?

PMM is fully open source. That means you can not only contribute to the software itself but also create tooling around it. We have created the following exporters to provide metrics to PMM:

  • MongoDB Exporter
  • MySQL Server Exporter
  • Node Exporter
  • ProxySQL Server Exporter
  • Amazon RDS Exporter

For more details, please refer to our Architecture.

If you’re interested in contributing, please check out our page on contributing as well as the main PMM repository that also lists all our exporter repositories.

PMM Roadmap and Releases

Please check out the PMM Roadmap on this Dashboard, choose the project “Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM)” in All Product Issues/Roadmap picker.

Check the tickets to be included in the next Release.

Release notes under development are in our pmm-doc repo.

Here is a feed of early previews that could be tested before release:

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