Percona Platform

How can you contribute?

Try & Give Feedback

We welcome every contribution to open source! Try Percona Platform and reach out to us with feedback based on your experience. We would love your help in making this project better with bug reports, content, code contributions, and much more!

What is Percona Platform?

Percona Platform provides a unified database experience that includes open source solutions, support, services, training, and automatic insights for your database environments. Percona Platform brings together distributions of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB alongside a range of open source tools for data backup, availability, and management.

It also includes Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) for database management, monitoring, and automated insights, making it easier to manage database deployments.


To start using Percona Platform, you need to:

  • install the latest version of Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM). Outgoing internet access is required for PMM.
  • enable the telemetry to access intelligence features, like Percona Advisors

The complete list of prerequisites and getting started instructions for PMM can be found here.

Percona Account

A Percona Account gives you seamless access across all Percona properties, as well as cloud-connected insights for PMM. By registering an account, you gain access to the best open source solutions, support, services, and insights to run database environments at peak performance in the cloud or on-premises without vendor lock-in or escalating costs. You will access all Percona Platform benefits at no cost: unified access to open source Percona Platform software (database servers, backup extensions, and observability and management tools for MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and other popular technologies), Percona Advisors, Private DBaaS, K8s operators, knowledge base and self-paced training.

Ask Questions and Help Others

Got stuck on any step with configuration, monitoring or tuning your environment? Ask other community members to advise you on Percona Forum! It is a place to communicate with other users of Percona software and get some tips from Percona experts.

Are you an experienced open source guru? Don’t be shy and help others there!

Report Issues

If you faced an unexpected behavior or lack some functionality, suggest an improvement here and discuss it with other users. Vote on the best ideas!

Share on Socials and Blogs

Spread the word about your experience with Percona Platform on your favorite social media or blogging platform: Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Tag Percona or send it to us at

Percona Community blog is also open for your contributions. Write a post based on your use case and publish it, it is simple and easy. Check out our guide for help.

Record a video and publish it on YouTube. Possible themes:

  • How-tos and functionality demonstration
  • Your story of Platform adoption
  • What advantages Percona Platform has over your previous experience (or hasn’t!)

Have any other idea? You are welcome! Feel free to contact us:

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