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Welcome to Percona’s Community Page for Kubernetes Operators! The Percona Kubernetes Operators automate the creation, alteration, or deletion of members in your Percona Distribution for MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL environments. We would love your help in contributing to those projects and driving them forward. How can you do that? It could be very simple. Give us your feedback, submit bug reports, create content, or contribute code. Each step is valuable and encourages the community to grow!

Looking to submit a PR, contribute code, or submit a bug?

Percona Operator for MySQL

Percona Operator for MongoDB

Percona Operator for PostgreSQL

If you’re interested in contributing, please check out our page on contributing as well as the operator repositories on GitHub linked with each operator on this page.

Ask Questions and Get Answers

If you have any doubts, experienced any issue or unusual situation you are not sure how to proceed, ask your questions on our Community Forum and get advice from Percona experts and other community members. Don’t be shy to answer questions as well! Share your knowledge with other users and support community growth.

  • Percona Operator for MySQL Forum

  • Percona Operator for MongoDB Forum

  • Percona Operator for PostgreSQL Forum

Help Others to Choose and Leave an Unbiased Tech Review

Already tried Kubernetes Operators? Tell the world about your experience and leave a technical review on popular app marketplaces! This might be very helpful for other users when choosing the right solution for their needs. The more people choose Percona software for their needs, the bigger community we could grow! That means more bugs and issues found, more questions answered, more articles and blogs posted… And other benefits!

Also, our team gratefully receives all the reviews and loves to read them.

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