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Check out Percona Everest - a cloud-native database platform to deploy and manage enterprise-grade PostgreSQL, MongoDB and MySQL database clusters.

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Percona Everest Intro

Percona Everest is a cloud-native database platform to deploy and manage enterprise-grade PostgreSQL, MongoDB and MySQL database clusters.

Your databases will come pre-configured with optimal parameters and settings tailored to the available resources, ensuring a seamless and efficient deployment experience.

Who is Percona Everest for?

SRE/DevOps professionals: Administrators responsible for deploying and configuring the initial setup and managing upgrades.

DEV/DBA teams: users operating on databases, performing tasks such as deployment, backup, restoration, and scaling.

If you require highly available database clusters with multiple nodes in Kubernetes, Percona Everest is designed to meet your needs.

What is Percona Everest?

Simplified Database Cluster Management with an intuitive browser interface

Effortlessly create, scale, back up, and restore databases without the hassle of dealing with multiple YAML files and intricate terminal commands.

Optimized viewing experience with Light and Dark themes

Percona Everest Start

Percona Everest Databases

Support for diverse database technologies

Create clusters of various open-source databases:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Everest leverages Percona Operators to deploy Cloud-Native Percona Distributions.

You don’t have to be a seasoned Kubernetes engineer; Percona Everest streamlines the process of running databases in Kubernetes.

Enhanced Database Storage Class support

Effortlessly tailor your storage requirements with Percona Everest’s advanced database storage class support.

Efficiently allocate resources to strike the right balance between optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Percona Everest Storage Class

Percona Everest Resources

Horizontal and vertical scaling Flexibility

Customize your infrastructure to meet your application’s evolving demands, leveraging the versatility of horizontal scaling for multi-node deployments and vertical scaling for single-node setups:

  • Create a cluster with essential resources
  • Adjust the number of nodes and allocated resources as needed

Sophisticated configuration capabilities

Exercise precise control over your database environment with advanced configuration features.

Percona Everest Advanced Configuration

Percona Everest Install

Streamlined installation with a single command

The Everestctl CLI tool ensures a simplified installation by deploying all necessary components in your Kubernetes cluster. Simply select the desired namespace and databases, and you’re all set up.

Percona Everest does not supply a Kubernetes cluster; you’ll need to use your own for the deployment. Prerequisites.

Cloud-native application

Everest installs inside the cluster, and harnesses Cloud-Native resources only.

Database provisioning is facilitated through the installation of OLM and Percona Kubernetes Operators.

Percona Everest Cloud Native

Enhanced Disaster Recovery capabilities

Percona Everest prioritizes data protection through a robust disaster recovery suite.

Configure backup schedules, generate on-demand backups, execute point-in-time recovery, effortlessly restore existing databases, or create new ones from backups seamlessly.

Secure backups to your preferred independent S3-compatible buckets

Percona Everest S3 Bucket

Percona Everest Backups

Scheduled Backups made simple

Define the frequency of database backup jobs, or opt for one-click manual backups for instant data protection.

Advanced Point-in-time Recovery (PITR)

PITR gives you continuous data protection with uninterrupted database backups.

PITR enables you to restore your database to a precise point in time, keeping it safe against accidental writes or deletions.

Percona Everest PITR Point in time recovery

Percona Everest Management

Easy database management

Create, edit, pause, and restore backups from a unified command center.

Comprehensive database monitoring with PMM

Keep a watchful eye on your databases and Kubernetes clusters using the integrated Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) tool.

Connect PMM to monitor and troubleshoot your databases.

Percona Everest PMM Monitoring Endpoints

Gain insights into performance metrics, query analysis, and more.

Percona Everest PMM

How can you help?

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You can find Percona Everest code in these GitHub repositories:

In repositories, you can find the detailed information on building and launching components. Also, you can report issues directly in repositories.

We encourage you to contribute code and report issues to improve Percona Everest!

Percona Everest Architecture

Percona Everest App is an application with a web interface. It consists of two major components:

  • Percona Everest UI is a frontend application developed using the Vite framework, React library and TypeScript language.

  • Percona Everest Backend is the backend API that processes requests from the frontend app and sends them to the Kubernetes API. It is developed in Golang using the Echo framework.

Percona Everest CLI (everestctl) is a console tool used to provision and install Percona Everest operators and components to your Kubernetes Cluster where Percona Everest will create and manage database clusters. Everestctl is developed in Golang language, and it is as a built executable file.

Percona Everest Structure

Also, Percona Everest uses:

Percona Everest Kubernetes Native

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