Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the reliable, open source relational database used by many enterprise-level database variants as their base. Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL combines several components into an enterprise-level distribution for PostgreSQL that you can download for free.

What is included in Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL?

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is a single source installation providing enterprise-grade, open source PostgreSQL. It includes the following components:

  • PostgreSQL Core
  • pg_repack (allows for altering tables in order to reclaim free space, reduce IO, improve performance, and more)
  • pgaudit (for all your PostgreSQL auditing needs, including the monitoring of superuser actions)
  • pgBackRest (backup and restore solution)
  • Patroni (template for HA PostgreSQL solutions)
  • pg_stat_monitor (Percona’s query performance monitoring tool providing insightful information based on and extending pg_stat_statements)

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL features illustration

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