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The PostgreSQL community is a vibrant community with tons of awesome tools, extension, and projects. In fact Github has over 58K different PostgreSQL projects and there are 100’s of extensions out in the wild . With so many components in the ecosystem it can be confusing to figure out which things work with which. Percona’s Distribution for PostgreSQL has tried to cultivate the best of these into a single package. We would love for you to try it out, give us feedback, or contribute.

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Have questions about Percona software? Don’t hesitate to ask them on our Community Forum! There you can get answers and advice from other Community members and Percona experts, chat on databases, open source and Percona software.

Download, Try, Give Feedback, & Enhance

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Leave an honest review for Percona software products for PostgreSQL and help other people in the open source community to choose the right solution for their needs. Your experience matters! Describe what worked for you, what alternatives you suggested and why chose Percona. Be as precise in details as you can. It might be useful to mention the operating system, CPU, memory, volumes of data, engines, programming languages, applications, versions, configurations, bugs, performance, obstacles, etc.

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Learn, Try, Teach, and Give Back

Contributing to the PostgreSQL community is not just about coding or providing new enhancements. Often the most valuable contributions are not code, they come in the form of bug reports, feedback, testing beta’s and of course giving back your experience to the community through blogs, videos, and other mechanisms. If you are willing to help let us know! We are always looking for great content to help make the PostgreSQL community even better. Share your experiences though a guide or tutorial with us and get a free hat!

Percona is committed to helping the PostgreSQL community grow and learn. Over the last year the team at Percona has written over 50 PostgreSQL articles geared toward educating and teaching what we learned as we helped our customers. Those posts have been viewed over 300K times. In addition we have also helped deliver, build, or give a platform for over 400 hours of conference talks, videos, and training specifically geared towards PostgreSQL (Many available for free on youtube right now!).

Here to learn about PostgreSQL? Check out some of the great free content below we have contributed to the ecosystem or that have been delivered as part of our conferences! When the PostgreSQL community grows we all benefit!

Learn, Try, Teach, and Give Back

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PostgreSQL Features

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the reliable, open source relational database used by many enterprise-level database variants as their base. Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL combines several components into an enterprise-level distribution for PostgreSQL that you can download for free.

What is included in Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL?

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is a single source installation providing enterprise-grade, open source PostgreSQL. It includes the following components:

  • PostgreSQL Core
  • pg_repack (allows for altering tables in order to reclaim free space, reduce IO, improve performance, and more)
  • pgaudit (for all your PostgreSQL auditing needs, including the monitoring of superuser actions)
  • pgBackRest (backup and restore solution)
  • Patroni (template for HA PostgreSQL solutions)
  • pg_stat_monitor (Percona’s query performance monitoring tool providing insightful information based on and extending pg_stat_statements)

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