Evolving Open Source Space MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, and Datastax - Percona Podcast 08

by Henrik Ingo

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The HOSS sits down with long time open source engineer, contributor, speaker, and advocate Henrik Ingo. Henrik and Matt talk about his career covering stints at MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, and currently Datastax. We talk about the evolving open source space and what Datastax is doing to open more code and features up to the community.


Link: https://youtu.be/OIurpMd07vM

Henrik Ingo

Chief of Staff, Engineering at DataStax

Open Source expert, with 13+ years experience with open source databases. One of the leading European experts both in MySQL and MongoDB databases. Particular interest in distributed systems and performance. I also have experience from several business management roles, such as managing 25 mobile developers and as COO and Advisor at 2 startups in the MySQL space.

I’ve contributed code to Linux, Drupal and impress.js. I’ve volunteered on the OSI license review process almost from the beginning. I’m the author of a book “Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source”

Key words: Open source, Communities, Business Models, Open Source Procurement. Web and Social Networks, Big Data, Data Mining, Recommendation Engines. Sales Engineering, Business Management, Training.

MongoDB, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, MySQL Cluster, PHP, Drupal, Symbian S60, SIP, VoIP, CSS, XML, Linux, LAMP, C/C++, Performance, Benchmarking.

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