All Things Open Source Including Suse, MySQL, and Ceph - Percona Podcast 07

by Lenz Grimmer

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Join the HOSS (Percona’s Head of Open Source Strategy) as he talks all things open-source with long time open source engineer Lenz Grimmer. Lenz has a long history of working on open source projects including Suse, MySQL, Ceph, and others. We talk about how we both got started in the open-source business, how people can contribute, and some of the cool things he has been up to.



Lenz Grimmer

Sr. Director, Server Engineering, Percona

Lenz Grimmer supports and leads the engineering teams at Percona that work on server products like Percona Server for MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and related components. He’s been involved in Linux and Open Source technologies in various roles and capacities since the mid-90s and has worked at companies like SUSE, MySQL, Sun Microsystems and Oracle.

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