Apache Cassandra, DataStax, Role of SRE/DBRE and DBA's - Percona Podcast 13

by Patrick McFadin

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The two open-source veterans of over 20 years sit down and talk about coming to open source, growing the community, the changes to open source licensing, and of course the new role of SRE/DBRE and how DBA’s are stepping up and turning into awesome contributors in this new role. We will also hear what is new and exciting with Apache Cassandra and what the folks over at Datastax are working on!


Link: https://youtu.be/KoDNxczU5Mo

Patrick McFadin

VP Developer Relations, Datastax

Patrick McFadin is one of the leading experts of Apache Cassandra and data modeling techniques. As the Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra and consultant for DataStax, he has helped build some of the largest and exciting deployments in production. Previous to DataStax, he was Chief Architect at Hobsons and an Oracle DBA/Developer for over 15 years.

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