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We would love your help in making these projects better and welcome you here, on the Percona Community page for MySQL. Being an extremely popular open source database, MySQL embraces an energetic, active community. Our goal is bringing the best of the best in the MySQL ecosystem together, keeping it totally open source and free for everyone. We highly encourage you to help all your fellow software users and contribute! See how easy it is. Contributing code is great but you can also report a bug, answer questions on the forum, write a review describing your experience, give us some feedback. All steps really matter!

Looking to submit a PR, contribute code, or submit a bug?

How can you help:Looking to submit a PR and contribute code:Looking to report a bug:
Eager to contribute directly to Percona Server for MySQL?GitHub: Percona Server for MySQLJira: Percona Server for MySQL
Help out with our Percona XtraDB Cluster!GitHub: Percona XtraDB ClusterJira: Percona XtraDB Cluster
Backups are crucial for you? Suggest improving our Percona XtraBackup for MySQL DatabasesGitHub: Percona XtraBackupJira: Percona XtraBackup
Want to boost MySQL work in Kubernetes? Contribute to Percona Operator for MySQLGitHub: Percona Operator for MySQLJira: Percona Operator for MySQL
Help us to take to the next level database monitoring with MySQL ExporterGitHub: MySQL ExporterJira: MySQL Exporter
Know how to simplify database operations? Support Percona ToolkitGitHub: Percona ToolkitJira: Percona Toolkit

Ask Questions and Get Answers

If you face any situation you are not sure how to proceed with, ask your questions on our Community Forum and get answers from other users and Percona experts!

Help Others to Choose and Leave an Unbiased Tech Review

If Percona software has been good for you, your testimonials and recommendations can also help others find similar success by leaving a review on one of the software marketplaces. We highly encourage you to describe your experience precisely and honestly, be specific about details of your environment, to help other people find a better solution in their situation.

And also our team is thrilled to receive your feedback and we carefully read all your reviews. Much appreciated!

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Percona XtraBackupCapterraG2SourceForgeTrustRadius
Percona XtraDB ClusterCapterraG2SourceForgeTrustRadius
Percona Kubernetes Operator-G2SourceForgeTrustRadius

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The Percona distributions for MySQL

The Percona distributions for MySQL come in two flavors - one is based on MySQL and one is based on XtraDB Cluster. Percona XtraDB Cluster ensures maximum availability with stability and synchronous replication - while being and staying open source.

When do I need the Percona Distribution for MySQL and when the Distribution with XtraDB Cluster?

For single node source/replica deployments or high availability through group replication in your typical MySQL environment, Percona Distribution for MySQL is the standard choice. If you’re looking for high availability through Galera, the Percona Distribution based on XtraDB Cluster will be your download of choice.

Which components are included in the Percona Distribution for MySQL?

The Percona Distribution for MySQL contains either MySQL or XtraDB Cluster (depending on your choice of download) as well as the following:

  • Percona XtraBackup (your open source complete database backup solution for all versions of Percona Server for MySQL as well as MySQL)
  • Percona Toolkit (a set of scripts to simplify and optimize database operations)
  • Orchestrator (the replication topology manager for Percona Server for MySQL)
  • HAProxy (the default high availability, load-balancing solution for Percona XtraDB Cluster)
  • ProxySQL (a high performance, high availability protocol-aware proxy for Percona XtraDB Cluster)
  • MySQL Shell (an advanced client and code editor for MySQL Server)
  • MySQL Router (a lightweight middleware that provides transparent routing between your application and back-end MySQL Servers)

Percona Distribution for MySQL features illustration

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