Percona Distribution for MongoDB

The experience developers love. The features businesses need.

With a flexible schema, natural high availability, and built-in horizontal scaling, MongoDB has often been considered the best big data solution among general-purpose databases.

MongoDB Community Edition is at the core of Percona Distribution for MongoDB. It automatically includes features such as native high availability, distributed transactions, a flexible data schema, and the familiarity of JSON documents.

Percona Distribution for MongoDB doesn’t stop there! The Percona Memory Engine in-memory storage engine, HashiCorp Vault integration, data-at-rest encryption, audit logging, external LDAP authentication with SASL, and hot backups, combine to deliver a complete package that maximizes performance and streamlines database efficiencies.

Percona Server for MongoDB features illustration

MongoDB, with its performance, resilience, and security, is the database that powers the applications and websites that make achieving your business goals possible. Expand that power with the Percona Distribution for MongoDB.

To make it enterprise-ready, we add in the encryption, security, usability, and scale features that our customers demand. Finally, we bundle all these features, fixes, and enhancements together, and make them available to all users โ€” for free!

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