Setting Up and Scheduling Regular PostgreSQL Backups (Part 2) - Percona Community PostgreSQL Live Stream & Chat - April, 21st

by Charly Batista, Matt Yonkovit

Percona Community PostgreSQL Live Stream & Chat - April 21st

Join the next Community Live stream for PostgresSQL and learn about the best setting to protect and restore your data. This is the second part of the previous stream. Matt and Charly will continue to talk about database backup settings, frequency, and different types of backups. Come up with your questions and our experts will answer them live.


Friday, April 21st at 3:00 pm EDT / 09:00 PM CEST

Setting Up and Scheduling Regular PostgreSQL Backups With Matt and Charly

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Charly Batista

Percona, PostgreSQL Tech Lead

Charly Batista is currently PostgreSQL Tech Lead at Percona. Possesses over twelve (12) years of experience in various areas of IT including Database Administration, Data Analysis, Systems Analysis and Software Development. Strong analytical skills combined with experience in object oriented programming techniques. Technical Leader for more than four (4) years for the Developer Team. Born in Brazil and now living in Shanghai-China.

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Matt Yonkovit

The HOSS, Percona

Matt is currently working as the Head of Open Source Strategy (HOSS) for Percona, a leader in open source database software and services. He has over 15 years of experience in the open source industry including over 10 years of executive-level experience leading open source teams. Matt’s experience merges the technical and business aspects of the open source database experience with both a passion for hands on development and management and the leadership of building strong teams. During his time he has created or managed business units responsible for service delivery ( consulting, support, and managed services ), customer success, product management, marketing, and operations. He currently leads efforts around Percona’s OSPO, community, and developer relations efforts. He hosts the HOSS talks FOSS podcast, writes regularly, and shares his MySQL and PostgreSQL knowledge as often as possible.

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