Community MySQL Live Stream & Chat

Community Team starts a series of live-streamed meetings on MySQL. They start on April, 1st and take place every 2 weeks. Marcos Albe, Principal Support Engineer at Percona, will discuss with Matt Yonkovit, Head of Open Source Strategy, all the secrets of working with MySQL. All sessions have time dedicated for Q&A.


Matt and Marcos will cover the following topics every two weeks on Friday at at 9:00 AM EDT (03:00 PM CEST/ 06:30 PM IST):

  • April, 1st - Installing MySQL and Setting Up a Default Configuration

  • April, 29th - Observing & Tuning Your MySQL Workload Using PMM

  • May, 27th - Setting Up Alerts and Basic Automation for MySQL

  • June, 10th- Setting Up Backups and Scheduling Regular MySQL Backups

  • June, 24th - Setting Up Failover via a Replica for MySQL

  • July, 8th - Migrating MySQL to a New Server

  • July, 22nd - Installing and Setting Up MySQL on Kubernetes

  • August, 5th - MySQL Running on Kubernetes Operations

  • August, 19th - Exploring the Scalability Limits of MySQL on Kubernetes

  • September, 2nd - Designing a Schema

  • September, 16th - How to Benchmark Your MySQL Database

  • September, 30th - How to Secure MySQL

  • October, 14th - Setting Up a MySQL Connection Pool

  • October, 28th - Using MySQL and Redis to Boost Performance

  • November, 11th - Finding Poorly Designed Schema’s and How to Fix Them

  • November, 25th - Archiving MySQL Data

  • December, 9th - Auditing MySQL

  • December, 23rd - Setting Up and Optimizing MySQL Aurora

  • January, 6th - Replicating MySQL Cross-Cloud

  • January, 20th - Cross K8 Cluster MySQL Replication

  • February, 3rd - Kubernetes for DBA’s

The attendance is free and open to the public. Subscribe to our channels on YouTube and Twitch.

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