Securing Your Data Using PostgreSQL - January 12, 2022 Developer Meetup

When we talk about database security, it encompasses different modules of different distinct areas. It is a very vast topic because it requires securing your (1) Network, (2) Network Node, (3) Data, (4) Database, (5) Users and (6) Application.

Percona Community Dev Monthly

A secure system or a database means it is secured by all means. The main pillars of security are A(Authentication), A (Authorization), and A (Accounting). PostgreSQL provides different levels of security. Sometimes it takes effort to learn how to use different types of authentication, what it is and authorization, and how to do auditing and accounting. This talk will cover all the available security techniques used in PostgreSQL based on the AAA model. It will not only cover how to use that but as well as the pros and cons of all these methods.

Securing the data over the wire and on disk is a key security feature, and PostgreSQL has that too. Therefore, we will cover network-level security and on-disk security. The talk will cover all these aspects, with some real-life use cases and examples.


Download Ibrar’s slides here.

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Kai Wagner

Percona, Sr. Engineering Manager

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Ibrar Ahmed

Principal Engineer, pgEdge

Ibrar Ahmed is a Software Architect in Percona LLC. Prior to coming to open source development, he had vast experience in software design and development. His main focus was on system-level embedded development. After joining EnterpriseDB in 2006, an Enterprise PostgreSQL company, he started his career in open source development specifically in PostgreSQL. He has contributed to the PostgreSQL community as well as other open source communities. His contribution ranges from the main performance feature enhancements to various PostgreSQL modules. In the database field, he has experience in other well-known databases MySQL, Oracle, and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Hadoop. His experience is not limited to core databases, but with the tools related to databases like Hive, HBase, and Spark. He also worked on integrating these tools with PostgreSQL.

Ibrar gave more than fifteen PostgreSQL talks in the last year in various parts of the World (PostgreConf-EU, PostgreConf-ASIA, PostgreConf-NY, Percona Lives, FOSDEM, etc ). He also authored multiple books on PostgreSQL.

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Edith Puclla

Technical Evangelist, Percona

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Mario García

Technical Evangelist, Percona

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Charly Batista

Percona, PostgreSQL Tech Lead

Charly Batista is currently PostgreSQL Tech Lead at Percona. Possesses over twelve (12) years of experience in various areas of IT including Database Administration, Data Analysis, Systems Analysis and Software Development. Strong analytical skills combined with experience in object oriented programming techniques. Technical Leader for more than four (4) years for the Developer Team. Born in Brazil and now living in Shanghai-China.

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