How Do We Develop Code? Live Coding Session Into Our DBaaS Controller- October 2022


Have you always wanted to know what and how a developer is working? What do they do, how do they start looking into issues and how do they finally turn that into code? It’s your time to get a behind the scenes view into the daily life of a developer from Percona!

In this session, Andrew is going to implement the db engine configuration support for the PMM (Percona Monitoring and Management) API and will implement that into the DBaaS controller. Our developer monthly’s are interactive and made with and for the community, so you get the chance to ask questions along the way and you also learn more about the components and structures of PMM. If there are any questions that you would like to get answered, just join the monthly and we’ll freely and openly take your questions. It’s all about you, so take your chance and directly work with our developers.



Andrey Minkin

Sr. Backend Engineer, Percona

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Kai Wagner

Percona, Sr. Engineering Manager

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