Percona Roadshow Coming to Your City!


We are pleased to invite you to a one day event as part of our 2022 Road Show around Europe and Asia.

In these sessions, our Percona experts and engineers will walk you through a broad range of topics around the open source industry, such as Percona Monitoring and Management, Percona Kubernetes Operators, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Percona Platform. Join us for demos, customer stories, industry news, trend analysis, and Q&A sessions.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to network with your peers, discover and hear how others are solving their database challenges!

Space is limited so register today!



  • Copenhagen - April 26
  • Stockholm - April 28
  • Frankfurt - May 13
  • Valencia - May 17
  • Milan - May 31
  • Paris - June 2
  • Barcelona - June 14
  • London - June 16
  • New Delhi - September 28
  • Tokyo - October 19


Breakout session #1 - Open Source Databases in the Cloud-Native Landscape - how-to, the pros, and the consequences, 45 min, Michal Nosek

It’s not uncommon to deploy a microservice-based, containerized application on Kubernetes these days. How to deploy a database in such a situation? In this presentation, we will present a viable alternative for any application running on Kubernetes - using free and open-source Percona Kubernetes Operators for MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

Breakout session #2 - Efficient Monitoring and Management of Database Infrastructure Using PMM, 45 min, Dimitri Vanoverbeke

Want to demystify the impact of your workload on your database infrastructure, understand performance indicators and have centralized management of backups. Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free, open-source monitoring and management tool for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and underlying components. This talk will provide you with common use cases, capabilities and recommendations in using this Percona solution.

Breakout session #3 - Percona Platform, 45 min, Holman Romero

Breakout session #4 - Different Shades of Technology Lock-In: What Your Sales Rep Doesn’t Tell You, 20 min, Michal Nosek and Dimitri Vanoverbeke

Technology lock-in comes in different flavors: vendor lock-in, platform lock-in, architecture lock-in, emotional lock-in… you can’t avoid all of them at the same time. Let’s take a look at what being locked in actually means and how open-source software helps to avoid some of the pitfalls in the database world.

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