Percona Community MeetUps

See you on Percona Community MeetUp!

Join the new regular series of monthly Online MeetUp for each community every Wednesday on Discord starting from Sept, 8th 2021. That it’s just an hour with Matt Yonkovit, HOSS - Head of Opensource Strategy - at Percona, and the leading experts:

  • The first week of the month we will focus on MySQL

  • The second week of the month we will focus on PostgreSQL

  • In the third week of the month, we will focus on MongoDB

  • In the fourth week of the month, we focus on Monitoring and Observability via PMM

Don’t miss the weekly opportunities to share something fun, interesting, or simply engage in conversations with others in the community. Each week we will have 2 internal or external guests who would be willing to chat or share for 15-20 minutes and be around for Q&A per event.

Attendance is free and open to the public including:

  • User of the specific database

  • Student or want to learn the specific database

  • Management who deal with databases

  • Expert, Engineer, Developer

  • Thinking about working with database and big data

  • Interested in the specific database

Subscribe to our channels on YouTube and Twitch Add each event to your Google Calendar.

If you have any suggestions on how to make community meetings even more exciting, please share with us. You are always welcome and we love to see you and receive your feedback.

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