How Twitter Runs Presto at Scale in the Cloud

Speakers:  Beinan Wang, Ph.D.

Beinan Wang, Ph.D. - Twitter - Presto Community Track - Percona Live 2021

Presto is a widely adopted federated SQL engine for federated querying across multiple data sources. With Presto, you can perform ad hoc querying of data in place.

In this session, Twitter engineer Beinan Wang will share how they use Presto at scale with over 3K Presto workers and 10 million queries and a highly-scalable query predictor service. At Twitter, this service helps improve the performance of Presto clusters and provides expected execution statistics on Business Intelligence dashboards.




Beinan Wang, Ph.D.

Twitter, Sr. Software Engineer

Beinan builds large scale distributed SQL systems (presto&hive) for Twitter’s data platform team.

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