PrestoDB Administration Fundamentals – Why, What and How

Speakers:  Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar - PassionBytes - Presto Community Track - Percona Live 2021

The session will discuss how to set up, run, and scale Presto at your organization. You will learn about configuring data sources, memory requirements and monitoring, in addition to how to access the metadata information and get run time information by queries as well as through the admin UI. In case you need to see the live plan, there will be methods shown and explained. We’ll also cover some of the tuning mechanisms for Presto. By the end of this session you’ll be able to handle PrestoDB in large deployments. ∎




Ravi Shankar

Chief Consultant, PassionBytes

Chief Consultant at PassionBytes providing big data consultancy and services in United States and an early adopter of Presto since it has been open sourced by Facebook. Ravi’s passion is to combine/merge various systems/components into a more reusable and innovative platform, reducing proliferation of tools and manual interventions allowing straight through processing of data and expose it for AI/ML applications. Ravi has 25 years of experience as Developer, Senior Architect, Project Manager, Senior Vice President and CTO. Knowledge and implementation experience in data technologies, especially big data and related ecosystem components with proven leadership in building teams from ground up and emphasize architectural and design principles to deliver world class products are the key differentiators. He is a well-known speaker and a public author.

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