Successfully Run Your MySQL NDB Cluster in Kubernetes

Speakers:  Tiago Alves

Tiago Alves - Oracle MySQL - MySQL Track Room - Percona Live 2021

Fortunately, MySQL NDB Cluster already has auto-healing, data distribution, instant scaling and many other features built-in - making it a perfect t for Cloud Native. This session walks through the few steps necessary to deploy a distributed NDB setup in a Kubernetes cluster manually or with an operator.

NDB runs in Kubernetes serving mission critical microservices at the heart of Cloud Native production systems. The experience from these adventures mix with knowledge gained from building an NDB operator from scratch. Boiled down to a few tips and tricks are hopefully helpful to guide around the usual traps running NDB or any database in Kubernetes.




Tiago Alves

Oracle MySQL, Software Engineering Manager

Tiago is a software engineering manager for MySQL NDB Cluster. Tiago is passionate about software engineering with focus on software quality.

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