Automating MariaDB Deployments With Ansible

Speakers:  Federico Razzoli

Federico Razzoli - Vettabase - Percona Live 2021 - MariaDB Track Room

This demo shows how to deploy MariaDB with Ansible. We’ll look into the Ansible playbook and the Ansible commands to use to install MariaDB, upgrade MariaDB, and modify MariaDB configuration on any number of servers. The Playbook we’ll use is a realistic production installation: it includes scheduled backups and a PMM agent to monitor the server performance. We’ll discuss how using Ansible saves long work hours, makes operations virtually error-free, and provides a complete documentation of servers configuration.




Federico Razzoli

Vettabase, Director & Consultant

Passionate with databases, automation and open source. Federico was active in MariaDB and MySQL communities for years. He started Vettabase, a database automation and consulting company.

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