Virtual Work and Leadership in the Time of Pandemics

by Anna Widenius

Anna Widenius - MariaDB Foundation - Percona Live 2021 - MariaDB Track Room

Virtual work and leadership in the time of pandemics MariaDB Foundation has been a virtual organization long before the pandemic struck. That gave us a head start in finding ways to adapt team leadership and management to the new times. Team leadership and management are different in a virtual organization, and in this session, we will talk about best practices within development teams. Meeting practices, chat tools, emails, zoom meetings are all affected by the developers spending now also their private lives in isolation – not just their business lives. How do we create humane working conditions for developers and DBAs?



Anna Widenius

MariaDB Foundation, Chief of Staff

Anna Widenius is a Chief of Sta in the MariaDB Foundation.

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Percona Live 2023 - CFP
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