Collaboration in Open Source: A Q&A on Github, Jira, Zulip and Knowledgebase

Kaj Arnö, Ian Gilfillan, Robert Bindar, Vicențiu Ciorbaru, Anna Widenius - MariaDB Foundation - Percona Live 2021 - MariaDB Track Room

This is an extended, interactive panel / Q&A version of the 20 min talk on Collaboration in Open Source. Whereas the 20 min talk sets expectations, this session in the MariaDB Community Room goes in depth and solicits input from the audience. How can MariaDB Foundation improve its level of interactivity and collaboration with its developer community?




Kaj Arnö

MariaDB Foundation, CEO

Kaj Arnö is CEO of the MariaDB Foundation. He is a software industry generalist, having served as VP Professional Services, VP Engineering, CIO and VP Community Relations of MySQL AB prior to the acquisition by Sun Microsystems. At Sun, Kaj served as MySQL Ambassador to Sun and Sun VP of Database Community. Initiator of Projekt Fredrika, about Swedish Finland on Wikipedia. Past founder, CEO and 14 year main entrepreneur of Polycon Ab (Finland). Kaj is a co-founder of MariaDB Corporation Ab, and served on its Executive Team in several positions, most recently Chief Evangelist. Kaj lives and works in Munich, Germany, and during summer often in Nagu, Finland. He is a citizen of both countries. Kaj holds a M.Sc. (Eng.) from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) and an MBA from Hanken School of Economics. He tweets @kajarno.

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Ian Gilfillan

MariaDB Foundation, Principal technical writer, documentation

Ian first came across MySQL in the 90s, upgrading from mSQL while developing South Africas’ first online grocery store, and teaching and developing internet programming courses. He was lead developer for South Africa’s largest media company from 2000, and wrote the book Mastering MySQL 4 in 2002. He wrote regular columns on MySQL and web programming in the 2000s, before founding and developing an online organic food co-operative in 2005.

He has worked part-time for the MariaDB Foundation since 2013, primarily on MariaDB Server documentation.

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Robert Bindar

MariaDB Foundation, Server Developer

Robert started working for the MariaDB Foundation in 2018 as a server developer. His main focus is divided between server development and helping the community contribute faster and more efficiently to the MariaDB codebase. Robert is based mostly in Brasov, Romania.

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Vicențiu Ciorbaru

MariaDB Foundation, Team Lead, Senior Developer

Vicentiu works at the MariaDB Foundation as a Software Engineer and Team Lead. He focuses on optimizer development, but has also worked on other parts of the MariaDB Server. Vicențiu has been part of the MariaDB ecosystem since 2013, where he first contributed Roles to MariaDB. Over the years, Vicențiu has coded numerous features and helped with the packaging of MariaDB for various distributions. Recently, Vicențiu has also been involved in the QA process of MariaDB, by contributing to as well as infrastructure

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Anna Widenius

MariaDB Foundation, Chief of Staff

Anna Widenius is a Chief of Sta in the MariaDB Foundation.

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