How To Choose the Right Solution When Lifting and Shifting Your Database to the Cloud

Speakers:  Shachar Guz

Shachar Guz - Google - Percona Live 2021

Database migrations can be complex, time-consuming, and costly, increasing the risk of moving to the cloud. Enterprises need effective and reliable database migration tools that help automate this process for seamless cloud adoption. In this session, we will elaborate on the considerations to take into account when choosing database migration methods and technology, and the different aspects that can impact risk such as migration fidelity and downtime. You’ll leave knowing how to take into consideration critical aspects of the migration journey such as preparation, connectivity, and downtime, and how to leverage Database Migration Service for Google Cloud for migration success. ∎




Shachar Guz

Google, Product Manager

Shachar is a product manager at Google Cloud, he works on the Cloud Database Migration Service. Shachar worked in various product and engineering roles and shares a true passion about data and helping customers get the most out of their data. Shachar was formerly a product manager for Alooma who got acquired by Google in 2019. He is passionate about building products that make cumbersome processes simple and straightforward and helping companies adopt Cloud technologies to accelerate their business.

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