Working Effectively with Cloud SQL on Kubernetes

Speakers:  Eno Compton

Eno Compton - Google - Percona Live 2021

There’s a lot to like about Kubernetes and Cloud SQL, but it’s not always clear how to use them together. This talk will be a deep-dive into Cloud SQL and how to work with it effectively on Kubernetes. The talk will be developer-centric and will start with the basics of connecting to Cloud SQL from Kubernetes. It will include how to run load tests and then size an instance. And, it will end with how to enable connection pooling to get the most out of Cloud SQL while having some fun along the way.




Eno Compton

Google, Developer Relations Engineer

Eno is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google working on Cloud SQL. He is one of the maintainers of the Cloud SQL Auth proxy. He is also a total language nerd with a Ph.D. in Classical Chinese and Japanese and a decade of experience in nearly a dozen computer languages. Nowadays he works exclusively in Go and loves network programming, delightful APIs, and deleting code in pursuit of simplicity.

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