Supporting Global Scale MySQL Applications With Amazon Aurora Global Database

Speakers:  Vijay Karumajj

Vijay Karumajj - AWS - Amazon Aurora Community Track - Percona Live 2021

Critical MySQL workloads with a global footprint, such as financial, travel, or gaming applications, have strict availability requirements and may need to tolerate a region-wide outage. Traditionally this required difficult tradeoffs between performance, availability, cost, and data integrity. In this session, learn how Amazon Aurora Global Database, which allows a single Amazon Aurora MySQL database to span multiple AWS regions, replicates your data with no impact on database performance, enables fast local reads with low latency in each region, and provides fast disaster recovery from region-wide outages. ∎




Vijay Karumajj

AWS, Sr. Specialist Database Solutions Architect

Vijay Karumajj is a Senior Database Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. He has worked as a SQL Server DBA at Blue Cross Blue Shield, Verizon, and Southwest Airlines. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Andhra University and a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wolverhampton.

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