Hyperscaling Workloads With Amazon RDS MySQL and Amazon Aurora MySQL

Speakers:  Sai Kondapalli

Sai Kondapalli - AWS - Amazon Aurora Community Track - Percona Live 2021

When the right factors align, businesses can grow at a sudden, unanticipated and exponential rate. That’s a good thing, but an unexpected and dramatic spinke in users and transactions of your MySQL database can strain resources, potential database failure, and, as a result, a bad user or customer experience. In this session, learn strategies and best practices quickly growing your MySQL deployment to ensure high performance and an exceptional user experience while maintaing ACID compliance and rock solid security.


Link: https://youtu.be/TyAgZBhp4sw


Sai Kondapalli

AWS, Database Specialist SA

Sai Kondapalli is a Database Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services specializing on MySQL services and assists customers to migrate and optimize their workloads on RDS MySQL, MariaDB and Aurora MySQL.

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