Fun and Games: Why We Picked ClickHouse To Drive Gaming Analytics at GiG

Stephen Borg - Matthew Formosa - Percona Live 2021 - Altinity Community Track

With such a saturated market for the iGaming industry, many technology providers are reviewing their architecture to provide a leaner, more sustainable platform. Complex architectures that involve heavy license and high maintenance costs were two of the rules to avoid when GiG kicked o R&D on what technology to choose at the heart of GiG Data. Tied with the necessity of good governance whilst empowering stakeholders needing real-time data, the list of databases became shorter and shorter.

With no vendor-locking and costly licenses ClickHouse came out a winner at being the best candidate for any business looking to host an on premise realtime database for analytics. Stephen and Matthew will be elaborating on how ClickHouse 2 of 5 Speakers became the database of choice.




Stephen Borg

Gaming Innovation Group, Director of Data

Stephen has had a career in technology for online and retail gambling, having worked close to business for a number of B2C and B2B providers. Sound background in technology, delivering affiliate and gambling platforms using both .NET and Java frameworks.

For the past 8 years Stephen has grown fond of Big Data and has led several high production transaction data lake projects both for on premise and on the cloud architectures. Stephen currently works for Gaming Innovation Group.

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Matthew Formosa

Gaming Innovation Group, Enterprise Data Architect

Matthew is an experienced Data Engineer having worked on several Big Data applications within various domains, including Gaming and FinTech. Being an AWS certified solutions architect, he is naturally highly comfortable working with AWS solutions, as well as Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and the Hadoop Ecosystem amongst other technologies.

Matthew is most skilled in Java Spring, Scala and Python. Moreover, Matthew is currently reading a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence (FinTech) and is graduated with B. Sc. IT (Computing and Business) (Finance) with a First Class Honours Degree. As an Enterprise Data Architect at Gaming Innovation Group, Matthew is currently responsible for data governance, overseeing best practices, and maintaining the architecture up to standards.

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