WarpSQL – A Distribution of MySQL 8 With Columnar Storage, Bitmap Indexing, and Parallel Query Execution

Speakers:  Justin Swanhart

Justin Swanhart - Percona Live 2021 - Altinity Community Track

WarpSQL is a distribution of MySQL 8 which includes the WARP storage engine and has parallel query execution features for queries that use WARP tables. The WARP storage engine features automatic creation of compressed bitmap indexes, which can be used to eciently execute complex queries that can not be executed eciently using traditional btree indexes, even over very large amounts of data. Columnar storage means that IO eciency is improved for queries that access a subset of columns in a table, because only columns accessed by a query are read from disk. WarpSQL also features parallel query execution, which can increase query performance substantially, by using multiple cores to execute queries. Performance improvements of 100x or more compared to the InnoDB storage engine are possible for queries in standard benchmarks, like the star schema benchmark. This talk will demonstrate how the WARP storage engine works, including a discussion of bitmap 2 of 4 Speakers indexes as compared to traditional btree indexes, and will oer benchmark comparisons between regular MySQL 8 and WarpSQL.


Link: https://youtu.be/TNFo8qGT6t8


Justin Swanhart


Justin Swanhart has over 20 years of experience working with database technologies. He is the author of WarpSQL, ShardQuery, Flexviews, and PHP-SQL-Parser. Currently the CEO of LeapDB, LLC, a company developing software as a service MySQL and MariaDB solutions for materialized views and streaming SQL queries, Justin was platform DBA at Yahoo!, a consultant, and trainer at Percona, a consultant at Proven Scaling, and a database engineer at Etsy, among other roles. Justin is a prolic speaker in the MySQL community, and a well known MySQL community member, who is known for strong opinions about topics, and who oers a no-nonsense view of the open source technology landscape.

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