ClickHouse Developer Tutorial, Part 1 - Intro to ClickHouse

Robert Hodges and Alexander Zaitsev - Intro to ClickHouse - Altinity Community Track

Heard about ClickHouse and been itching to try it out? This talk is for you! It’s a tutorial to get new ClickHouse developers up and running quickly. We’ll begin by summarizing practical differences between ClickHouse and row stores like MySQL or PostgreSQL. Next, we’ll show how to install ClickHouse and connect to it with popular client tools. We’ll then teach basics of ClickHouse SQL, focusing on commands to build reports and dashboards. Continue from this talk to the Tutorial Lab for some real ClickHouse exercises and Q&A with our experts.




Robert Hodges

Altinity, CEO

Robert Hodges has worked on database systems since 1983. During that he has loved, worked on, and occasionally despised 20 dierent DBMS types. His technical interests include data, distributed systems, virtualization technology, and security. He is currently CEO of Altinity, which supports and runs ClickHouse for enterprises.

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Alexander Zaitsev

Altinity, CTO

Alexander is a co-founder of Altinity. He has 20 years of engineering and engineering management experience in several international companies. Alexander is an expert in high scale analytics systems design and implementation. He designed and deployed petabyte-scale data warehouses, including one of the earliest ClickHouse deployments outside of Yandex.

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