ClickHouse 2021: New Features and Roadmap

Speakers:  Alexey Milovidov

Alexey Milovidov - Yandex - Percona Live ONLINE 2021 - Altinity Community Track

In 2021 the ClickHouse community is shipping the features that you probably always dreamed of. We are eliminating previously known limitations of ClickHouse. I will tell you and show demos about: replication without ZooKeeper; semistructured data; processing of frequent small INSERTs; support for transactions; window functions and projections and more and more… We’re really excited about these features and hope they will make ClickHouse even better for your analytic applications.




Alexey Milovidov

Yandex, Lead ClickHouse Engineer

Alexey Milovidov was the original designer of ClickHouse, starting from its inception in 2008. He is an expert on high-performance C++, analytic applications, and SQL databases. Alexey is the lead committer of the ClickHouse open source project on Github. He leads the ClickHouse development team at Yandex and speaks regularly at community events

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