Projections in ClickHouse

Amos Bird - - Percona Live - Altinity Community Track

Projections are collections of table columns with different physical layout to speed up queries. They are the main constructs of Vertica. At we have implemented PROJECTIONs support for ClickHouse. It boosts our OLAP analytic capabilities by an order of magnitude. This talk will highlight the design considerations, some implementation details, how it is integrated into ClickHouse design. Examples and demo of the feature will be shown




Amos Bird (郑天祺), Software Engineer

Amos Bird (郑天祺) is a software engineer at KuaiShou Technologies in China. He graduated from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science, with a Doctor’s degree in Database Systems. He is an active ClickHouse contributor for over more than three years, and have accomplished some major improvements such as PROJECTIONs, ClickHouse-ETL, Balanced JBOD with HA, StringHashMap, etc.

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