Let's Talk About MySQL Query Tuning

Speakers:  Gabriel Ciciliani

Let’s Talk About MySQL Query Tuning

This session was presented on Percona Community Live Online June 21-23, 2022. Check out the full schedule here.

Regardless of development frameworks, despite linters, besides countless sessions with the DBA, slow queries always end up making it to production. Proactive and reactive slow query tuning is still critical to ensure poorly written queries aren’t undermining server performance and wasting valuable compute resources. Cloud-based database managed services are not the exception: slow query root cause analysis requires human intervention. In this session I will discuss why slow query tuning is more relevant than ever, how to detect problems and guidelines to fix them.

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Gabriel Ciciliani

Independent consultant

Gabriel has been dedicated to databases as a DBA and consultant for the last 15 years. He has led and participated in multiple projects across many technologies, including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and MongoDB. Gabriel defines himself as an automation super fan and he contributed to the development of two custom DBaaS platforms.

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