Data Wrangling With MongoDB

Speakers:  Jean Joseph

Data Wrangling With MongoDB

This session was presented on Percona Community Live Online June 21-23, 2022. Check out the full schedule here.

This presentation is based on data wrangling with MongoDB. After this presentation, you will have the mindset of data wrangling. It is 70% demo, and 30% talk. Jean covers the goal of data wrangling, how to think about data wrangling, and then the technical tips for data wrangling in MongoDB.

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Jean Joseph

Allied World

Jean Joseph is a Data Engineer/DBA, Speaker, IT Event Planner, Blogger, Data Driven Community Builder, Founder & main organizer of Cloud Data Driven User Group & Future Data Driven Summit, highly experienced in Traditional Database, and Big Data technologies with a history of successes in designing, implementing complex technical projects for diverse businesses in various stages of their development.

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