Percona Community Live 2022

Good news! We are happy to announce a new 100% virtual event coming up this summer - Percona Community Live!

It will take place on June 21-23 online and will be live-streamed on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitch. It is an excellent opportunity to learn from the best-of-breed experts directly from your home! We will focus on the latest trends in the database world, and secret tricks from the open source stars.

Percona Community Live

We have so much great content on Percona Live this year (as usual, I should say). A lot of good speakers submitted talks, and we did not manage to find a slot for each excellent topic in the schedule. So we sat down and decided to run one more event! And we totally understand that travel is still challenging, that’s why it will be held virtually. All attendees will be able to ask their questions and chat on Discord.

The schedule will be released soon.

Important dates

CFP closes: Monday, May 29th, 2022

Schedule Announcement: Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

Video Acceptance Deadline: Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

Event Dates: June 21st-23d, 2022

Suggested Topics

  • MySQL database
  • PostgreSQL databaase
  • MongoDB database
  • New & Emerging Tech

If you would like to speak at the event, please fill this form in to contact us (


Already on the schedule:

  • Flexible Indexing with Postgres by Bruce Momjian (EDB)
  • PMM on Kubernetes by Denys Kondratenko (Percona)
  • The Open-Source Distributed Graph Database: Nebula Graph by Wey Gu (Vesoft)
  • 10 Deadly PostgreSQL Sins by Matt Yonkovit (Percona) and Barrett Chambers (Percona)
  • I Dropped My Database! Now What? - A Dive Into PostgreSQL Backup Using pgBackRest and How to Use it for PITR by Charly Batista (Percona)
  • The MySQL Ecosystem in 2022 by Colin Charles (Codership)
  • The Ways of Performance Schema and How to Leverage it for Troubleshooting by Leonardo Bacchi Fernandes (Percona)
  • Using PMM Alerting in Production by Francisco Bordenave (Percona)
  • The Future of MyDumper by David Ducos (Percona)
  • Database as Code. Not Only Migrations by Maksim Gramin (Independent Consultant and Researcher)
  • Cross-cloud Migrations With Databases on Kubernetes by Sergey Pronin (Percona)
  • Physical Backups With Percona Backup for MongoDB by Sergey Pronin (Percona)

More talks to come, stay tuned! All updates will be published on this page. ∎



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