OSDN Conf Kyiv 2021

Percona sponsored the OSDN Conf Kyiv which was held in person in the Nivki-hal on September 18th. It was a one-day non-commercial, volunteer-organized event centered on free and open-source software. Mykola Marzhan (Director of Server Engineering, Percona) and Evgeniy Patlan (Manager of Build & Release Engineering, Percona) are the main organizers of the conference.

OSDN Conf Kyiv 2021

During the event, 400 attendees had the opportunity to visit presentations by the open-source community leaders, meet each other and chat during lunch and coffee breaks, discuss the latest trends with representatives on booths.

Richard Stallman (Founder of the Free Software Foundation, Founder and development leader of the GNU operating system), who launched the free software movement in 1983, gave a talk Free Software and the GNU General Public License. This talk was a huge success.

Percona had a booth where everyone could come and chat with our experienced engineers, get a flyer with the information, and a refreshing drink! Mykola Marzhan, Evgeniy Patlan, Slava Sarzhan, Alex Miroshnychenko, Vadim Yalovets, Ege Güneş had a lot of conversations on open source technologies.

OSDN Conf Kyiv 2021

Also, volunteers from Percona helped to organize the event and provided assistance to speakers and attendees.

After the conference, the Percona team went to a team dinner to celebrate the successful conference. ∎

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