Open Source Summit Seattle 2021

Percona Team participated in the OSS event organized by Linux Foundation in Seattle in Hyatt Regency Hotel on September 27-30. It was really exciting for all of us to start meeting in person with customers, community members, and teammates as well!

Open Source Summit Seattle 2021 Percona Overview

Percona speakers gave 3 talks during the conference: From a database in container to DBaaS on Kubernetes by Peter Zaitsev (CEO). Default to Open - Steps and Traps by Matt Yonkovit (Head of Open Source Strategy). The PostgreSQL Twin Bill: The 7 10 Deadly PostgreSQL Mistakes & Review of what’s new in PostgreSQL 14 by Matt Yonkovit (HOSS) and Kishore Dahlstrom (Sr. Solution Engineer).

Open Source Summit Seattle 2021 Percona Talks

Attendees of the conference could learn more about Percona software products at our booth. Matt Yonkovit developed a fascinating arcade controller to play around with PMM (Percona Monitoring and Management). Using it, you can literally manipulate your database with your hands! Isn’t it a thing we lack in the current tech ecosystem? An ability to feel and touch something to make it real. A lot of people stopping by the booth got interested in how Matt created this and they talked a lot about it.

What makes the Percona booth special, is that you can meet experts there. People who came to the venue could chat about databases, open-source technologies, etc. with our experienced engineers, an open-source old hand Matt, Peter Zaitsev, and the Percona President Ann Schlemmer.

Matt and Michael Coburn (Principal Architect) held a live-streamed PMM Community MeetUp directly from the Percona booth on OSS. They talked about databases, shared their impressions from the summit, and demonstrated the work of the arcade controller! If you missed the stream, watch its recording on YouTube.


We gave out a lot of presents to the conference attendees: cool flasks, tote bags, cord ties, and also Percona Anniversary Books. This year Percona celebrates its 15 years of keeping open source open. We published that remarkable book to collect and remember the amazing stories, milestones, and memories of our path, and share them with you. If you were unable to attend the event to grab your copy, download a digital book here!

Open Source Summit Seattle 2021 Percona Booth

After the conference, team members celebrated meeting each other in person at the team dinner. They were really excited because of it and forgot to take some pictures. Now it will remain only in their memory!

Preparation for the next event is already in full swing. In October, we will have a chance to see each other at the All Things Open conference. Come and meet us at the Percona booth! ∎

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