HighLoad++ Spring 2021

Percona team participated in the HighLoad ++ Spring conference in Moscow on May 17-18, 2021. It is the most famous IT conference in Russia for developers of highload projects. This year it brought together 2000 participants offline and 2000 online running 8 parallel tracks and having 20+ company stands for networking.

On the conference, Percona speakers presented 4 talks:

  • MySQL 8 Observability and Query Analysis with PMM by Peter Zaitsev (CEO)
  • Comparison of Kubernetes Operators for MySQL by Sergey Pronin (Product Owner)
  • Migrations between schemas and updates in MySQL: mechanisms, locks, loads by Nikolay Ihalainen (Senior Support Engineer)
  • Anatomy of a Kubernetes Operator for a database by Peter Zaitsev and Sergey Pronin.

Also, Vladimir Fedorov (Ecompay) invited Sveta Smirnova to become a co-speaker in the talk β€œHow to Kill MySQL Correctly and Reliably”.

Percona also presented its software products at a stand where we held a PMM demo and some expert sessions on Kubernetes and pg_stat_monitor, offered a win-win lottery, and chatted with attendees about databases, open source software, remote work and so forth.

Our stand was located perfectly and attracted many attendees. Each of them could participate in a win-win lottery and pull a piece of paper out of the aquarium to receive a gift: T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, bottles, stickers, bracelets.

We also had amazing, beautifly published Percona Anniversary Books to distribute. This book was published to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Percona and contain many fascinating information about its history and values. Don’t be upset if you did not get one, you can download a digital copy of it here absolutely free!


During the day we hold several Ask an expert sessions with demonstrations of our products. There were always Percona engineers at the stand who were very active in answering questions.

Peter Zaitsev actively participated in PMM demonstrations, Sergey Pronin chatted a lot about Kubernetes, Sergey Kuzmichev answered many questions about databases, Alexander Tymchuk, Maxim Larin and Artyom Gavrilov were also involved in conversations with attendees about PMM.

There were a lot of engagement on the stand and all our employees note that our company is well-known and people came to get some advice or learn something new.


Especially for the event, Peter recorded a couple of videos on how PMM works. They were demonstrated on the stand, it was very visual and attracted people.

On the second day of the conference, Peter was interviewed by conference organizers for online attendees to bring more engagement to the online part of the event.




When the conference ended, our team participated in some team building activities like guided tour of the underground river and sewers and a logic escape quest.



By the way, we also jogged in the mornings.


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