FTD Data 2022

A big part of the Percona Brazilian team gathered together in Florianópolis to participate in a special edition of the Floripa Tech Day (FTD), focused on DATA. The agenda included talks on various technologies: MongoDB, MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.


It was a 1-day event with 13 talks from early morining till late evening. Three of them were deliverd by Percona speakers:

  • Online Backup in MySQL with XtraBackup by Marcelo Altmann (Software Engineer). Percona XtraBackup is a tool open-source for online backup of MySQL servers that do not crash written to your bank during the transaction. In this talk, Marcelo talked about basic operations and described latest features added to the product.
  • PostgreSQL 15: What’s New? by Charly Batista (Postgres Tech Lead). PostreSQL 15 is around the corner, and the new version of this powerful database brings many improvements and new features that can increase performance and facilitate much in the life of DBAs and developers. Charly “walked” through the main improvements and added features in version 15.
  • MySQL 8 - New Features by Vinicius Grippa (Lead Senior Support Engineer). Vinnie discussed the news about MySQL 8. Among the topics, he shared new features of security, how to improve monitoring and even how to create replicas more quickly. He also covered DDL improvement such as parallelization, new server status variables (to improve monitoring and health analysis), Performance Schema instrumentation, parallel read threads, DROP / TRUNCATE Operations, REDO log capabilities, EXPLAIN tree format, etc.


Percona was a sponsor, and we had a booth at the event.


Vinnie was on hand to sign the copies of his and Sergey Kuzmichev’s book Learning MySQL: Get a Handle on Your Data that Percona donated as prizes for 6 of the 80+ attendees.


Also, Marcelo, Charly and Vinnie along with Eder Santos and Roberto Bem from Support and their families spent a wonderful time together.



Marcelo Altmann

Software Engineer, Percona

Marcelo Altmann is a C++ Software Engineer on MySQL related products @ Percona. At Percona he has also worked as a Senior Support Engineer and a Tech Lead of the Support Team. Prior to joining Percona , he worked as a MySQL DBA at Ireland’s CCTLD, and worked as a DBA/PHP developer in Brazil. Its focuses are Database Administration, specifically MySQL.

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Charly Batista

Percona, PostgreSQL Tech Lead

Charly Batista is currently PostgreSQL Tech Lead at Percona. Possesses over twelve (12) years of experience in various areas of IT including Database Administration, Data Analysis, Systems Analysis and Software Development. Strong analytical skills combined with experience in object oriented programming techniques. Technical Leader for more than four (4) years for the Developer Team. Born in Brazil and now living in Shanghai-China.

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Vinicius Grippa

Percona, Senior Support Engineer

Vinicius Grippa is a Senior Support Engineer at Percona. Vinicius joined Percona Support Engineer team in 2017. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a passion for technology and more than 13 years experiences in databases systems. He has experience in designing databases for critical applications and, in the last few years, has become a specialist in MySQL and MongoDB ecosystems. He has helped Percona customers with hundreds of different cases featuring a vast range of scenarios and complexities. Vinicius is also active in the OS community, participating in virtual rooms like Slack, speaking at meetups, and presenting conferences in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

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