Percona Team actively participated in FOSDEM 2021. It is a large, non-commercial free event for thousands of developers of free and open-source software from all over the world to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Traditionally held in the beautiful city of Brussels (Belgium), it took place online this year on February 6-7. FOSDEM is widely recognized as the best such conference in Europe organized by the community for the community.

Tracks were grouped into devrooms. Devrooms are a place for teams to discuss, hack and publicly present the latest directions, lightning talks, news, and discussions. Percona speakers gave 13 presentations in 10 rooms this year.

MySQL devroom

Review of the Percona Operator from a DBA prospective by Marco Tusa (the Grinch)

18 Things To Do When You Have a MySQL Bottleneck by Peter Zaitsev.

MariaDB devroom

MySQL Performance for DevOps by Sveta Smirnova.

MariaDB Observability by Peter Zaitsev.

PostgreSQL devroom

Pg_stat_monitor - The new way to analyze query performance in PostgreSQL by Ibrar Ahmed and Peter Zaitsev.


Tools and Concepts for Successfully Open Sourcing Your Project by Sanja Bonic, Janos Pasztor.

The Death of Openness and Freedom? Open Source Under Attack by Matt Yonkovit.

Open Source Design devroom

Community-accessible EEG monitoring of the user’s mental state in the UX/UI research by Dmitriy Kostiuk.

Network monitoring, discovery and inventory devroom

What do we want to monitor? All the databases! by AgustΓ­n Gallego.

Containers devroom

Hybrid Cloud Open Source DBaaS with Kubernetes by Peter Zaitsev.

Distributions devroom

Why Public Database as a Service is Prime for Open Source Distribution by Peter Zaitsev.

Monitoring and Observability devroom

Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting Methodologies for Databases by Peter Zaitsev.


Watch the Asciinema Replay of Your Home-Made Honeypot by Sanja Bonic, Janos Pasztor. ∎

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