Elisa Usai at POUG 2022

Speakers:  Elisa Usai

Elisa Usai from dbi participated in POUG 2022 and gave a talk about Percona Monitoring and Management. POUG (Polish Oracle User Group) organizes as usual his annual conference in Poland in September to discuss about Oracle topics. The 7th edition of 2022 took place in WrocΕ‚aw on September 9 and 10.


Elisa is an amazing speaker. She give an overview of the tool, explained how easy it is to install and turn on monitoring and show the some features such as integrated alerting, Query Analytics to get performance metrics over a period of time, Advisors checks to perform some security checks on databases, and more!


Thank you, Elisa, for the talk and big thanks to Flora Barriele for pictures! ∎

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