Dave Stokes Talks Open - Episode 11 - Ovais Tariq and Himank Chaudhary, Tigris Data - Percona Live 2023

At Percona Live, Dave Stokes talked to Ovais Tariq and Himank Chaudhary, Co-Founders of Tigris Data. Tigris is a Serverless NoSQL database and search platform that offers an open-source alternative to MongoDB and DynamoDB. Ovais and Himank discussed what had changed since Percona Live 2022 and where the product is heading.



Dave Stokes

Technology Evangelist at Percona

Dave joined Percona last February 2022. Dave is MySQL Community Manager and the author of MySQL & JSON - A Practical Programming Guide

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Ovais Tariq

Sr. Engineering Manager - Core Storage @Uber

Engineering leader with 15 years of experience in database infrastructure and site reliability engineering. Currently building the core storage platform and leading production engineering for storage at Uber.

Ovais is a Sr. Manager in the Core Storage team at Uber. He leads the Operational Storage Platform group with a focus on providing a world-class platform that powers all the critical business functions and lines of business at Uber. The platform serves tens of millions of QPS with an availability of 99.99% or more and stores tens of Petabytes of operational data.

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Himank Chaudhary

Staff Software Engineer, Uber Technologies

Himank is the Tech Lead of Docstore at Uber. His primary focus area is building distributed databases that scale along with Uber’s hyper-growth. Prior to Uber, he worked at Yahoo in the mail backend team to build a metadata store. Himank holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York with a specialization in distributed systems. Himank has proven ability to learn challenging concepts quickly and he has developed competencies in diverse areas. He easily adapt to change and welcome the opportunity of a new environment.

Specialties: Application Development, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Data Intensive Computing, Big Data, Networking, MultiThreading, Android Platform, Parallel Architecture, OpenMP/MPI, GPU Programming Languages: C,C++, Java, python

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