Data Gravity Episode 1 - Charles Thompson - Dolphie, a Real-Time MySQL Monitoring Assistant

In this episode, Joe Brockmeier talks to Charles Thompson, creator of Dolphie - a real-time MySQL monitoring assistant that’s open source and available for multiple platforms. He talks about creating Dolphie, how it fits into the MySQL monitoring space, and more.

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Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson is a DBA with a passion for maximizing MySQL database performance. He combines this expertise with his proficiency in Python to craft tools that automate tasks in his daily life along with contributing to open-source projects benefiting the community. Currently serving as a Senior Database Engineer at DigitalOcean.

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Joe Brockmeier

Percona’s Head of Community

Joe Brockmeier is Head of Community for Percona. He has been involved in open source and technology for more than 20 years. His background includes leadership and community facing roles at Intel, Red Hat, Citrix and SUSE. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and has been a contributor to numerous open source projects including Fedora, Apache CloudStack, Project Atomic and CentOS.

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