Chernihiv.IT Cluster Sponsorship

Percona is thrilled to support Chernihiv.IT Cluster and help to develop the local IT community in Chernihiv, Ukraine. The cluster was founded in 2017 and it unites the efforts of 11 IT companies. Percona’s engineers Evgeniy Patlan, Serhii Stasiuk, Mykola Marzhan, Maxim Kondratenko, and other Perconians in the city eagerly participate in Cluster’s activities, both online and in-person, and willingly share their knowledge and experience with others.

CHERNIHIV.IT DevOps Crash Course

3-day intensive course for students and everybody else took place on the base of Chernihiv Polytechnic National University on January 26-28. Attendees will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion.

The majority of the lectures in the program are from Percona speakers:

  • What is DevOps? by Sergey Stasiuk (Build & Release Engineer)
  • CI / CD: All About Pipelines With Examples of Their Creation by Evgeniy Patlan (Manager, Build & Release Engineering)
  • Monitoring And Logging. Why are they important for DevOps? by Maxim Kondratenko (Backend Architect)
  • Kubernetes in Simple Words by Mykola Marzhan (Director of Engineering)

Other IT companies of the city also participate in the training and present some talks.


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