All Things Open 2021

Percona Team participated in ATO (All Things Open) in Raleigh Convention Center on October 17th - 19th.

Percona speakers gave 4 talks during the conference:

  • The PostgreSQL Twin Bill: The 7 Deadly PostgreSQL Mistakes & Review of what’s new in PostgreSQL 14 by Matt Yonkovit (HOSS) and Barrett Chambers (Sr. Manager, Solutions Engineering).
  • Distributed Storage in the Cloud by Peter Zaitsev (CEO).
  • Deploying MongoDB sharded clusters easily with Terraform and Ansible by Ivan Groenewold (Architect). Ivan delivered the talk remotely due to travel restrictions.
  • The State of Open Source Databases in 2021 (Keynote) by Peter Zaitsev (CEO).

Percona sponsored the event and had a booth located on the 4th floor near the main stage for Keynotes. The traffic was good. All attendees could come there and play with PMM demo with an arcade controller developed by Matt Yonkovit specially for conferences. It was truly a hit and drew a lot of attention. Isn’t it amazing that you can really feel what you do with your database?

All Things Open 2021

The important thing about the Percona booth at any conference is that we always have highly qualified engineers present to answer any technical questions and advise attendees on open source database technologies. Matt Yonkovit, Barrett Chambers, Steve Hoffman and Todd Harris were on duty on the booth ready to chat with everyone. Also, the Percona booth is the place where you can for sure meet Peter Zaitsev and talk to one of the founders of Percona.

We prepared a lot of presents to give out to attendees: tote bags, bottle openers, pens and Percona Anniversary Books. Flasks and beanies were extremely popular. Winter is coming and Percona will warm you!

All Things Open 2021

Those who couldn’t attend the in-person event, can download a digital book here!

Speakers and Steve Hoffman also attended the Speaker / Sponsor Dinner at Sheraton Raleigh Hotel.

The next events that Percona sponsors will be AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas (Nov 28, 2021 – Thu, Dec 2, 2021) and PGConf NYC in New York (Dec 2-3, 2021). ∎

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