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Here we gathered together videos with talks, webinars and tutorials from Percona experts and community members about Percona software. They are organized in YouTube playlists.

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Community PostgreSQL Live Stream & Chat


Percona Community is scheduling live streams dedicated to PostgreSQL starting from March 11th, 2022. Every two weeks, Matt Yonkovit, the Head of Open Source Strategy at Percona, will chat with Charly Batista, PostgreSQL Tech Lead at Percona, to discuss specific topics related to Postgres.

Percona Software Community Videos


This playlist is for videos created by Percona users’ community. Videos may cover any topic related to Percona, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB open source databases. Email us at community-team@percona.com to nominate your videos for inclusion. Percona shares these videos for convenience of all users, but cannot warrant the correctness of the information they contain.

Percona Speakers Talks on Conferences


This playlist contains videos with talks by Percona staff members. Videos cover various topics related to databases. Share them with your friends and colleagues!

Community Meetups


This playlist contains videos of community meetups on MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB and PMM. Matt Yonkovit, Head of Open Source Strategy, met with Percona experts online and answered questions. Learn tips and tricks from database super stars!

HOSS Talks FOSS Podcast


Percona’s HOSS (Head of Open Source Strategy) Matt Yonkovit meets with the leading experts in the open source world. You can benefit from their experience and broaden your understanding of open source technology.

Percona Live Community Tracks


Here you can find all the Percona Live ONLINE 2021 Community talks, great open-source database tutorials from experts from different companies.

Percona University - MySQL Upgrade Tutorial


Watch this tutorial to go deep into the MySQL upgrade. Like these videos and share them with your friends!

Percona University - PostgreSQL Indexes Tutorial


Indexes are a basic feature of relational databases, and PostgreSQL offers a rich collection of options to developers and designers. To take advantage of these fully, users need to understand the basic concept of indexes, to be able to compare the different index types and how they apply to different application scenarios.

Percona’s Sri Sakthivel Vlog


Sri Sakthivel is a MySQL DBA in Percona. He regulary posts videos on his YouTube channel about MySQL tips and tricks. Watch them, like and subscribe!

Percona Community Team Tutorials


Discover the best-of-breed database tutorials from the Percona Community Team. Dave Stokes, Technical Evangelist, records videos on what you need to do to start using Percona software fast and easy.

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