Testimonials & Surveys


Share your story with us! Together we will build a strong community and take it to the next level.

Just complete this simple form. It is short and will take no more than 5-8 minutes of your time.

How often are you among like-minded people? How often do you feel that you are understood, and you have something to discuss?

We want everyone who use Percona software to feel supported by people who share common attitudes, interests, and goals. You really should not be alone. Percona experts are here for you, but that is not enough. So we ask you to share your user stories to grow Percona software community.

Testimonials & Surveys

How can it help?

You can leave your feedback anonymously, and it will definitely help us to make the Percona software better. This is valuable!

But if you let us your contact information and allow us to publish your story, it will open even greater horizons:

  • We will be able to invite you to local Percona events and meetings to hear from you in-person.
  • If there are many active community members in some area, we could organize a meetup especially for them.
  • You could find other users, help each other and build your local community.
  • And last but not least, we can send you a gift for your efforts - a piece of Percona swag!

What information can I share?

Tell us as much as you feel comfortable with:

  • Which Percona products you use.
  • Tell us your user story (what cool things are you using Percona for?)
  • Why did you choose Percona?
  • Tell us about your stack:
    • Do you run Kubernetes?
    • What operating system do you use?
    • Where are you hosting your databases?
    • What Programming languages does your application use?
    • How many databases do you have?
    • How big (disk space) is your database environment?
    • Have you blogged or given a talk about your environment?
    • Would you be willing to talk to a product manager about your experience? This is not for marketing purposes, but to help make the product better.

Where to leave my testimonial?

Just complete this simple form. It is short and will take no more than 5-8 minutes of your time.


Want to share your feedback on a particular product? We have put together a few short surveys for each one of our main products (supporting MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Percona Monitoring and Management, and our Kubernetes Operators). Each survey consists of quick 5-7 questions and should take no more than a minute or two to complete.

Note, everyone who fills in the survey is eligible to be part of a drawing for a Percona T-Shirt. 10 people will randomly be selected. You don’t have to leave an email when you fill out the survey, but you do to be entered into the drawing.

Thank you for helping us out!

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