You can find our list of topics here. We are excited to hear from you if you would like to speak on any of these topics at a conference or meetup, or if you are interested in creating content such as blog posts, guides, videos, podcasts, or whatever else you can think of.


  • Automate your database setup for production in under x hours
  • Backup and disaster recovery strategies
  • Failure stories


  • Database Reliability Engineering (DBRE)
  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  • Monitoring and SLAs
  • Useful scripts for production
  • Testing and QA

Distributed Computing

  • Consensus algorithms and implementations
  • Synchronous and asynchronous replication - advantages, disadvantages, implementations


  • Moving from a single node to a cluster setup (any DB engine)
  • Batch processing
  • Stream processing


  • Measure your open source project success
  • Bug squashing done right

Open Source

  • Licensing
  • Vendor lock-in

Let us know on Discord or via e-mail to if you need support or if you’ve already published one of these topics on your own.

We’re always looking forward to pull requests on our GitHub repository.

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