Engineering Meeting July 2021


We’re talking about Prometheus exporters:

  • How they work
  • Who uses them and why
  • Where they’re used
  • What you can and can’t do with them

So, basically anything to do with Prometheus exporters.


Come along if you’re a:

  • User of Prometheus exporters (standalone or within PMM)
  • Student of Prometheus exporters (and want to learn how to code/tweak them)
  • Potential user of Prometheus exporters (what can they do)
  • DBA thinking about Prometheus exporters (getting metrics data out of databases)
  • DBA dreaming about Prometheus exporters (thinking about the same)
  • … you get the idea

Who else?

  • PMM devs
  • PMM Prometheus experts

…on hand to teach, explain and demonstrate.


At the next PMM community meeting, July 29.


To grow a vibrant and engaging community.

To learn about you and what you need.

Tell us about this meeting:

  • What DID you like?
  • What DIDN’T you like? (Be honest!)
  • What do you want to see next time?

Or just ask us something.

Really, anything.

Go on. Don’t be shy. ☺️

This is YOUR community, after all.


PMM uses a number of open-source database metrics exporters, including these:

Meeting notes

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