Contributing to Percona Product Documentation

Our product documentation is constantly evolving and improving. Did you spot some outdated information, or a typo? Is the documentation incomplete or confusing?

Help us making it better!

If you would like to leave feedback or make a suggestion about enhancing our product documentation, you have multiple options of doing so.

Submitting Actual Changes to the Documentation

As we say in the open source world, “patches are always welcome!” - So instead of submitting a request to get the documentation changed, how about submitting the concrete changes yourself? It’s really easy but can be intimidating the first time. This guide should take the edge off and you’ll see your changes live in a matter of hours!

  • Similar to our software, our documentation is open source and is managed using the same tools that we use to manage changes to our code base.
  • All of our manuals provide an “Edit this page” option that you can use to perform the actual documentation changes that you would like to see in your web browser. Note that this process requires having an account on GitHub and some basic understanding of the code submission and review process on this platform.
  • The documentation for each product is maintained in dedicated git repositories per product. See Location of Documentation and Sources for details about the location of the documentation for each product.
  • Most of these locations contain a file called that outlines the steps required to submit a change for the documentation.
  • We try to maintain a consistent style across our documentation. If you’re making changes to the documentation, please follow the guidelines outlined in the Percona Documentation Style Guide.

Submitting a Jira ticket

If your suggestion is bigger than what you can personally handle or you would like to solicit some feedback on your proposal before submitting it, no problem! Similar to the software engineers working on our various products, we use our public instance of Atlassian Jira for tracking our Documentation work as well.

  • If you have a product-specific suggestion, please submit your request in the corresponding product’s Jira project (e.g. PS for Percona Server for MySQL, PMM for PMM, PSMDB for Percona Server for MongoDB).
  • Make sure to select “Documentation” as the Component when submitting your request and please include a link to the public location of the documentation page that you would like to get changed.
  • If you would like to suggest an improvement or change that affects all of Percona’s documentation (e.g. a structural or stylistic change), there’s a dedicated DOCS Jira project that tracks overarching documentation issues.
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